ESTIEM is the organisation for European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, who combine technological understanding with management skills.Our goal is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support them in their personal and professional development. Our network consists of 66 Local Groups in 25 countries, reaching out to 50 000 students. Check out the map to find out more about the Local Groups


ESTIEM is present in Hungary since 1993, and was part of the BME College for Advanced Management Studies (MSZK) until 2011. During this 18 years, we managed to organize numerous successful projects and events among others the Council Meetin in 2001, the biggest event of Estiem in a semester. We also managed to raise to an international level, some of the Hungarian ideas, (for example the Braintrainer), confirming that our project can stand the international ground.From 2012 as a result of a reorganization, the we separated from the College for Advanced Management Studies, and became -under the name of ESTIEM Local Group Budapest BME – an official International Student Organisation acknowledged and supported by the BME University (BUTE)


ESTIEM Budapest BME in its present form was reorganized at beginning of the year 2012 and merged into BME HKT (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Committee of International Student Relations). The reorganization was driven by the aim to make an organization which gives opportunity to students of engineering and economics to gain practice in the world of management; foster the connection with other Local Groups and industrial institutions in Europe; improve English language – as English is the official language of ESTIEM – and presentation skills of engineer students. To reach these goals, we give place to case study competitions and workshops; exchanges; international conferences, seminars and English language courses.